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Probably every little girl, at some point in time, fantasises about being a princess. As the image of a wise and sympathetic queen conjures up in my adult mind, I almost instantaneously straighten my posture and feel a smile come to my face.

If you were to become queen, what kind of queen would you be? Would you behave differently from whom you are today, knowing that you carry the responsibility of the whole world looking up to you every second of the day?

Let us consider this from a different angle, since many of those reading this may not be of royal descent… If you had the opportunity to cross paths with a queen, would that cause you to behave differently from how you normally do, knowing that you have the privilege of being in the presence of royalty? Would your social media posts look different if you knew they were being read by a queen?

When working with our clients, we encourage them to behave every minute of every day as if they were royalty and to treat everyone that they come into contact with like they are royalty too. Can you imagine the significant difference? What would your business look like if every one of your employees felt as important to you as if you considered them to be of royal descent? And your clients? What about your suppliers?

Would any request they make be too much of a bother? Would you get as easily frustrated with them? Would you really pay attention to their wants and needs? Would you make them wait for an answer from you? Would you ever lose your temper with them?

How different would your level of self-confidence be when you walk into that networking event or that boardroom where you are about to make your sales pitch for that new client you so desperately want? So often we allow ourselves to feel insecure, unsure and fearful when we go out to make it big, when we are in reality as deserving as anyone else – in fact more so, for taking the action and making the effort. Would a queen allow herself to become intimidated? Does she not know her knights are all around ready to protect her? Is she not loved and adored, respected and treasured by an entire kingdom? Does she not dress and behave the part?

Just like a queen carries the responsibility of making the best possible decisions for her kingdom, so do you as entrepreneur carry the responsibility of making the best possible decisions for your business. Just like a queen cannot run away from her responsibilities, so you cannot hide away when the buck stops here. Just like a queen needs to religiously perform her duties, so you need to conscientiously perform each one of yours, no matter how small. There is no room for blaming others; there is only room for taking responsibility and setting the right example.

So what is stopping you?

Consider this as you move through your day and with every encounter you make. Why don’t you give the “living like royalty” principle a try, even for just one day?

Click the link below to view the complete A2C Newsflash Volume 2 Issue 28 – A day fit for a queen, anyone?

A2C Newsflash Vol 2 Iss 28 – A day fit for a queen, anyone?

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