Nov 022015

I was having a bad morning. I had finished my assignment in Gauteng early and was trying to reschedule the flight on which I was booked, so that I could return home earlier instead of spending a number of hours waiting at the airport for my originally scheduled flight to depart. What I thought to be a simple request was (unfortunately for me) wreaking havoc and causing a lot of unwelcomed frustration for me, as I was being sent back and forth from one queue to another. Eventually my requested change came to effect, but I had to hurry or I would miss the opportunity to board on time. Finally I found myself in the home stretch to the plane – all hot and bothered, when my paths crossed with that of a lady we will call Fiona.

A woman had come to a complete standstill in the middle of the small little passage way that I was rushing down. I was contemplating the best way to get around her, while still propelling towards her, when suddenly I stopped dead in my tracks. Only a few steps in front of me, Fiona had spotted that the woman was waiting for her husband to finish taking a photo to capture this memory on film. Fiona offered to take one of them together and they were clearly extremely grateful. In those few seconds I caught my breath and relaxed. As it turns out, all four of us were heading for the same flight (and we all still made it in time – photo and all). And before I finally got to my seat, I still witnessed Fiona making a little boy laugh (and me too for that matter). In an instance, Fiona had turned my entire upside down day around.

I am grateful that I had crossed paths with Fiona right at that moment. Through her actions she had immediately reminded me that we often end up only seeing that which we are looking for. If we, for example, expect someone to have something against us, even their well-intentioned actions may be misinterpreted. Although all four of us were coming down the same passage way, the couple was looking to make memories, Fiona was looking for an opportunity to show kindness and I was looking for another thing to go wrong and in the process, I almost missed out on things that would make me smile. And almost all of us got what we were looking for. What I was looking for had almost spoiled my whole day.

I hope that you will (even on terrible mornings, when nothing seems to be easy or going your way) be reminded to consciously choose to look for the Fiona’s or an opportunity to enjoy a Fiona moment. And on your good days, I sincerely hope that you will be a Fiona in someone else’s day to remind them to be on the lookout for the good things in life instead of just hurrying past them. What are you looking for today?

Click the link below to view the complete A2C Newsflash Volume 2 Issue 40 – What are you looking for?

A2C Newsflash Vol 2 Iss 40 – What are you looking for?

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