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What would you do if you had the equivalent of an extra 30 working days every year to spend as you wish? Would you use it to travel, spend time with family, finish that DIY project at home, read that book you have been yearning to get to, take up a new hobby, get fit, take up a training course, or go out and find more business?

More free time for you will have knock-on effects for productivity within your business, and other aspects of your life. The following steps are guaranteed to increase your personal productivity and free up 240 hours or more of your time.

Step 1 – Get the basics right Sometimes we have limiting beliefs that prevent us from making progress. It is therefore important to get back to basics and compare our assumptions and attitudes around personal productivity and time management to the fundamentals. We all have 24 hours in a day. Personal productivity tools are useful, but by itself will not result in improvement. Tools are no substitute for adopting the right behaviors. Time management is really about self-management.

Step 2 – Customize best practices If you hope to improve your personal productivity and time management, it is important to have a sound strategy firmly grounded in best practices. There is however no “one size fits all” solution and therefore you need to customize best practices to work for you. Our research has exposed us to a variety of efficiency practices which we have grouped into five different categories to help you get started.

Step 3 – Eliminate busyness The fact that you are always busy does not mean that you are effective and efficient. There is a huge difference between busyness and productivity. You will notice that those people who always seem to be in control and always find time to do things, are never flustered. The secret lies in doing the right stuff and not necessarily doing all the stuff.

Step 4 – Beat procrastination Procrastination is one of the main reasons why we do not achieve our full potential. Even if we have the best intentions and the best plan to improve our time management, we will not see results unless we proceed to take action. Procrastination can become a debilitating habit and unless we take a structured approach to break this habit, we will probably not move out of our “comfort zone”.

Step 5 – Plan and prioritize effectively It has already been established that personal productivity and time management is about doing the right stuff, but knowing is not enough. Often people struggle to plan and prioritize effectively or even at all!

Step 6 – Get organised Two separate research studies highlighted that:
– People lose on average 1 hour per day due to disorganization at work.
– People spend on average 12.5% of their time looking for information at work.
By getting organised, you will experience improved efficiency and productivity – you will have more time to focus on value adding tasks instead of wasting your time on tasks that frustrate you and add no value.

The following three principles will serve you well, not only in your endeavors to improve your personal productivity and time management, but for all business and personal improvements in general:
– Every issue is an opportunity for improvement
– Start making improvements today
– No change is too small – all improvements count

Click the link below to view the complete A2C Newsflash Volume 2 Issue 42 – 6 Steps to get more done in less time

A2C Newsflash Vol 2 Iss 42 – 6 steps to get more done in less time


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