Jun 072016

It’s complicated… But should your processes really be?


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Jul 312015

When hearing the words “reward and recognition”, most people only think of how this links to their employees. The concept of reward and recognition is much more widely applicable in business and in life. One area for example, that a lot of people overlook, is the powerful impact that reward and recognition could have if it is used to instil excellence in their Supply Chain. Continue reading »

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Jun 082015

Increasingly challenging market circumstances are forcing more and more businesses to either adapt or become extinct. One of our key areas of speciality is Business Process Improvement (BPI) – helping businesses to optimize the way they work to help ensure their business sustainability in future. Continue reading »

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Nov 302014

We were recently contracted by a client to assist them with implementing a structured business process optimization action plan to improve efficiencies and reduce costs. All of the department heads that were working with us understood the need for this project, but very few of them knew where or how to get started.

This is a challenge we often encounter with our clients, especially when we work with team members that have been working within the organization for a long period of time. It is not easy to re-look at the same processes over and over, but with a fresh pair of eyes that can find new opportunities. Continue reading »

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Oct 092014

The best thing you can do for your company in preparation of 2015




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Aug 292014

Have you ever witnessed the process of removing a more than 20 year old palm tree? It is an impressive undertaking! This morning as I was driving to a client, I passed a garden where three guys were trying to chop up a recently removed palm tree’s trunk with a diameter of more than a meter, but with shovels. It was not surprising to me that on my way back, much later the same day, I found them still at it. My logic screamed that this was a job better suited for a chain saw, but here three people were struggling (inefficiently and ineffectively) with the tools they had available to them. We see this way too often in businesses! Sometimes it is not only the availability of the right tool that is the problem, but the fact that we have neglected to train the user properly in the effective application of their tools, equipment and / or software. Continue reading »

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