Jan 302014

Reward and recognition is essentially about showing someone that you do not take them for granted. Is dealing with your company an experience of pleasure and delight or frustration and irritation for your customers? Do they feel special and valued doing business with you? We are operating in a global market place with competition everywhere. Approaching customer service with a reward and recognition mind-set can be an important part of your competitive advantage. Continue reading »

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Dec 182013

With energy and labour costs on the rise, competition increasing from all over the globe, customers becoming more and more demanding and price wars rife throughout many industries, more and more employers are facing challenging times. Compared to this, being the bearer of good news is a more pleasant experience. The biggest mistake that these companies are making is trying to turn things around with only the efforts of the owner or the senior management team. A big boat can be turned faster and more easily if all the passengers are doing their bit to paddle in the right direction, instead of relying on the efforts of only a select few. Companies often delay having these discussions with employees in fear that they will panic and prematurely jump ship. Managers shy away from having these difficult conversations with their employees because of the discomfort they will feel when facing questions to which they do not at present have the answers. It is important however to note that these discussions are a sign of significant trust in your employees and that, in the end, they have a right to know. Continue reading »

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Mar 242013

In the majority of organizations the training budget appears to be the first to be squeezed when times are tough, but can you really afford to keep people around who are stagnating instead of continuously growing and learning new skills? The reality is that in most organizations we are constantly expecting more from our team members. Are we then not also responsible for enabling them to give more? On the other hand we completely understand the severe negative impact of cash flow constraints on a business. So we would like to take this opportunity to share with you some of the ideas we share with our clients to assist them in developing a culture of continuous learning, without breaking the bank. Continue reading »

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