Nov 042013

It is that time of the year again where many of our clients are getting ready to complete their annual performance appraisal cycle. This is a process that (in many companies) seem to bring with it feelings of dread, when in fact getting honest, clear and constructive feedback is critical for personal development and realizing your full potential. It should therefore be welcomed and embraced with excitement.

Whether you are required to give feedback or to receive feedback, here are some guidelines to help you get the most out of your performance appraisal process: Continue reading »

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Nov 202012

We were recently contracted by a client to assist with streamlining their business processes, because their entire team was fully loaded – and this was hampering their ability to grow. Considering that their turnover had not increased compared to the previous year, they were apprehensive about appointing additional team members. Continue reading »

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Jul 262012

If you are asking this question – you probably do not have it.

If you have it – it will change your business for the better forever.

CI is a way of ensuring that your business is continuously improving, without you having to do all the work yourself. It is a way by which you raise the bar for all your employees, your business and all your business partners. It is both extremely powerful and not so easy to achieve. It is a culture.

Continue reading »

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