Feb 262014

How much time do you spend in meetings? Would you classify the majority of the meetings that you attend as value adding or as a waste of your time? As with almost anything in business, we need to be sure that we are spending our precious time effectively. Any time spent in a meeting, is time that cannot be spent on other (sometimes more value adding) activities. Good meetings do have a place – they can enable organizations to take action and make decisions with real time data. Follow our five step plan to help you optimize meetings in your organization: Continue reading »

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Jan 302014

Reward and recognition is essentially about showing someone that you do not take them for granted. Is dealing with your company an experience of pleasure and delight or frustration and irritation for your customers? Do they feel special and valued doing business with you? We are operating in a global market place with competition everywhere. Approaching customer service with a reward and recognition mind-set can be an important part of your competitive advantage. Continue reading »

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Nov 042013

It is that time of the year again where many of our clients are getting ready to complete their annual performance appraisal cycle. This is a process that (in many companies) seem to bring with it feelings of dread, when in fact getting honest, clear and constructive feedback is critical for personal development and realizing your full potential. It should therefore be welcomed and embraced with excitement.

Whether you are required to give feedback or to receive feedback, here are some guidelines to help you get the most out of your performance appraisal process: Continue reading »

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Sep 292013

Too often we find that someone was appointed in a specific position, shown how the system works and then left to their own accord – that is it. Then, later when things go wrong, other people in the organization are very surprised to learn that this individual gave poor customer service or does not know the first thing about the email program that they must use etc. This oversight is often highlighted during our customer service excellence programs. When we ask our client’s employees what they do when faced with someone screaming at them over the phone and the majority of them honestly answer that they just throw the phone down in their customer’s ear, it is clear that deficiencies exist. Are you shocked? Horrified? Or can you honestly say that all of your staff is very clear on how to deal with these situations? Not only when a customer loses their cool with them, but also when a supplier or their colleagues lose their cool? Continue reading »

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Jul 312013

A reader recently asked us a very interesting question on one of our social media platforms. He wanted to know how one can identify a real leader in the business environment. How would you be able to assess whether someone has pure intentions and not waste your energy following the wrong person? Continue reading »

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