Oct 012015

The world in which we operate is changing almost daily… Technology is continuously changing… The workforce is changing… The environment is changing… Legislation is changing… Customer requirements are changing… The competition is changing… Globalization has made the world a smaller place and while access to information and new technologies have become easier, this is equally true for customers’ access to alternative suppliers. Since many of these changes are not necessarily within your direct control, the question to ask yourself is what to do when everything is changing? The reality is that the only way to effectively respond and ensure that you remain relevant and stay ahead of the pack, is to continuously improve. Continue reading »

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Feb 262014

How much time do you spend in meetings? Would you classify the majority of the meetings that you attend as value adding or as a waste of your time? As with almost anything in business, we need to be sure that we are spending our precious time effectively. Any time spent in a meeting, is time that cannot be spent on other (sometimes more value adding) activities. Good meetings do have a place – they can enable organizations to take action and make decisions with real time data. Follow our five step plan to help you optimize meetings in your organization: Continue reading »

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Dec 182013

With energy and labour costs on the rise, competition increasing from all over the globe, customers becoming more and more demanding and price wars rife throughout many industries, more and more employers are facing challenging times. Compared to this, being the bearer of good news is a more pleasant experience. The biggest mistake that these companies are making is trying to turn things around with only the efforts of the owner or the senior management team. A big boat can be turned faster and more easily if all the passengers are doing their bit to paddle in the right direction, instead of relying on the efforts of only a select few. Companies often delay having these discussions with employees in fear that they will panic and prematurely jump ship. Managers shy away from having these difficult conversations with their employees because of the discomfort they will feel when facing questions to which they do not at present have the answers. It is important however to note that these discussions are a sign of significant trust in your employees and that, in the end, they have a right to know. Continue reading »

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Nov 082013

Adapt To Change, continuous improvement and supply chain specialists, have recently joined the list of EpicIT’s accredited partners. Epic is a leading on-line strategy alignment, execution & performance management and appraisal system. This relationship will allow Adapt To Change to offer new and existing clients a convenient and highly effective system to manage their projects, staff and company objectives.

EpicIT have fine-tuned performance management and strategy alignment into an art form. Their online subscription-based software allows numerous benefits including:

1. Strategy and execution (planning and management)

2. A full performance management system

3. Climate and customer surveys

4. Project tracking

Part of Adapt To Change’s accreditation process was ensuring the team is capable of full training, implementation and on-going management of the system. “It’s about managing key issues and business objectives and creating an environment in which employees can contribute to strategic business priorities. EpicIT’s system is one of the best there is and we are very excited to receive this accreditation. It is a privilege to join forces with such an experienced and passionate team. We look forward to a long a fruitful relationship,” says Johann Koegelenberg, Adapt To Change co-founder.

Adapt To Change and EpicIT’s collaboration agreement is effective immediately.

Please feel free to contact us if you require more information or if you would like to discuss how the Epic system can be of benefit to your organization.

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Nov 042013

It is that time of the year again where many of our clients are getting ready to complete their annual performance appraisal cycle. This is a process that (in many companies) seem to bring with it feelings of dread, when in fact getting honest, clear and constructive feedback is critical for personal development and realizing your full potential. It should therefore be welcomed and embraced with excitement.

Whether you are required to give feedback or to receive feedback, here are some guidelines to help you get the most out of your performance appraisal process: Continue reading »

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