Oct 012015

The world in which we operate is changing almost daily… Technology is continuously changing… The workforce is changing… The environment is changing… Legislation is changing… Customer requirements are changing… The competition is changing… Globalization has made the world a smaller place and while access to information and new technologies have become easier, this is equally true for customers’ access to alternative suppliers. Since many of these changes are not necessarily within your direct control, the question to ask yourself is what to do when everything is changing? The reality is that the only way to effectively respond and ensure that you remain relevant and stay ahead of the pack, is to continuously improve. Continue reading »

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Mar 312014

Customer service is about so much more than merely delivering a product or service. It is in fact reflected in every single interaction you have with your customers. How you and your team members are behaving when you think no one is really watching, could in fact be driving potential customers away. Continue reading »

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Feb 262014

How much time do you spend in meetings? Would you classify the majority of the meetings that you attend as value adding or as a waste of your time? As with almost anything in business, we need to be sure that we are spending our precious time effectively. Any time spent in a meeting, is time that cannot be spent on other (sometimes more value adding) activities. Good meetings do have a place – they can enable organizations to take action and make decisions with real time data. Follow our five step plan to help you optimize meetings in your organization: Continue reading »

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