Dec 312015

Why you should be giving your supplier chain partners ongoing feedback

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Jul 242015

Tips for a successful RFP or RFQ process

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Aug 292014

Have you ever witnessed the process of removing a more than 20 year old palm tree? It is an impressive undertaking! This morning as I was driving to a client, I passed a garden where three guys were trying to chop up a recently removed palm tree’s trunk with a diameter of more than a meter, but with shovels. It was not surprising to me that on my way back, much later the same day, I found them still at it. My logic screamed that this was a job better suited for a chain saw, but here three people were struggling (inefficiently and ineffectively) with the tools they had available to them. We see this way too often in businesses! Sometimes it is not only the availability of the right tool that is the problem, but the fact that we have neglected to train the user properly in the effective application of their tools, equipment and / or software. Continue reading »

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Jul 082013

Use reward and recognition to instil excellence in your Supply Chain

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Feb 252013

Have you ever considered the impact of how you react when someone comes to talk to you about a potential problem or a mistake that they have made? Does your response encourage them to come to you again in future? Or do people fear you and choose to rather hide issues from you? For the majority of people admitting that they have made a mistake or asking for help is not a pleasant experience. How do you reward people for trusting you enough to come to you for help? Being able to communicate openly is a key characteristic of high performing teams. Is your behaviour holding your team back? Continue reading »

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