Jun 302015

We are all faced with a seemingly endless stream of choices throughout every day. There are so many, that we sometimes fail to recognize them, but the truth is that you always have a choice. Some choices we make almost unconsciously – like brushing our teeth or putting on a clean set of clothes. Other choices we make because we do not like the consequences of the alternative. An example is going to work in a job where you aren’t very happy, because you like receiving the salary and enjoy the things it enables you to buy. Ultimately you do have a choice and the more you become aware of this and the more you consciously make your choices, the more empowered you will feel. Continue reading »

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May 292014

Would you pay R5,000 for a lollipop? It is rather disturbing how many businesses we come across that do not seem to mind – metaphorically speaking of course. Some businesses have no problem keeping a product or department afloat, a client on the books and honour an expense every single month that does not in return exceed the value invested in it. Doing this does not make business sense. If you are feeling this way about your training, then you are doing it wrong. Continue reading »

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