Jun 022014

Leading to Success – Normal price R7,500 but currently on special for only R750 via Groupon

Personal Productivity and Time Management – Normal price R1,500 but currently on special for only R375 via Groupon http://www.groupon.co.za/deals/cape-town/adapt-to-change-pty-ltd-3/39796913

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May 292014

Would you pay R5,000 for a lollipop? It is rather disturbing how many businesses we come across that do not seem to mind – metaphorically speaking of course. Some businesses have no problem keeping a product or department afloat, a client on the books and honour an expense every single month that does not in return exceed the value invested in it. Doing this does not make business sense. If you are feeling this way about your training, then you are doing it wrong. Continue reading »

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Sep 292013

Too often we find that someone was appointed in a specific position, shown how the system works and then left to their own accord – that is it. Then, later when things go wrong, other people in the organization are very surprised to learn that this individual gave poor customer service or does not know the first thing about the email program that they must use etc. This oversight is often highlighted during our customer service excellence programs. When we ask our client’s employees what they do when faced with someone screaming at them over the phone and the majority of them honestly answer that they just throw the phone down in their customer’s ear, it is clear that deficiencies exist. Are you shocked? Horrified? Or can you honestly say that all of your staff is very clear on how to deal with these situations? Not only when a customer loses their cool with them, but also when a supplier or their colleagues lose their cool? Continue reading »

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Mar 242013

In the majority of organizations the training budget appears to be the first to be squeezed when times are tough, but can you really afford to keep people around who are stagnating instead of continuously growing and learning new skills? The reality is that in most organizations we are constantly expecting more from our team members. Are we then not also responsible for enabling them to give more? On the other hand we completely understand the severe negative impact of cash flow constraints on a business. So we would like to take this opportunity to share with you some of the ideas we share with our clients to assist them in developing a culture of continuous learning, without breaking the bank. Continue reading »

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