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5S Workplace Organization


Benefits of 5S Workplace Organization:

  • 5S helps to create a clean, pleasant and safe working environment

  • 5S helps to revitalize the gemba (workplace) and improves employee morale and motivation

  • 5S helps employees to acquire self-discipline and prepares them for Continuous Improvement and employee empowerment

  • 5S highlights waste and identifying waste is the first step in eliminating waste

  • 5S pinpoints abnormalities such as quality issues and inventory surplus

  • 5S reduces wasteful motion such as walking and overly strenuous work

  • 5S allows problems associated with material shortages, production line imbalances, equipment breakdowns and delivery delays to be identified visually, which aids in finding solutions

  • 5S makes quality issues visible

  • 5S helps to improve efficiency and it reduces operational costs

  • 5S improves the image of your facility

  • 5S reduces the amount of time wasted and effectively improves employee time management

Outline of Programme:

  • Introduction

  • Stage 1 – Sort: Clear out – determine what is necessary and what is unnecessary and dispose of the latter

  • Stage 2 – Set in order: Configure – provide a convenient, safe and orderly place for everything and keep it there

  • Stage 3 – Shine: Clean and check – monitor and restore the condition of the working areas during the cleaning process

  • Stage 4 – Standardize: Conform – set standards, train staff and maintain standards

  • Stage 5 – Sustain: Custom and practice – develop and embed a 5S culture and strive for continuous improvement

3 Days


Total Quality Management - Managing Quality for a Profit


If the current state of quality in your organization is detracting from your profits instead of contributing towards it…then the bad news is that you are doing it wrong! The good news is that we can help. Let us show you how quality can be free and how quality can be used to boost your profits.

Do not miss out on this opportunity! Start the journey of making quality a certainty and unleash the energy of Continuous Improvement in your organization.

Outline of Programme:

  • What is Quality?

  • How are we doing on Quality today?

  • Cost of Quality

  • Quality Management System

  • Total Quality Management

  • Quality Toolbox

  • Quality Improvement Program

  • Continuous Improvement

1.5 Days


Communication - Time to Talk


A multi-national study conducted by Siemens Enterprise Communications showed that poor communication could annually cost a company over €4 000 per employee. Given the current economic climate it would seem that setting up and managing effective communication channels in a business is vital.

Outline of Programme:

  • Communication process

  • Common communication pitfalls

  • Communication best practice

  • What is appropriate communication?

  • The magic communications formula – SLARP (Stop, Listen, Aware, Reflect, Prepare)

  • Effectively dealing with potentially volatile work situations by using six golden rules

  • Giving and receiving feedback (with specific focus on performance discussions)

  • Asking a favour and delegation

  • Presentation skills

  • Do you have an answer for everything?

1.5 Days


Cost Optimization


  • Is your company under pressure to reduce costs?

  • Are you struggling to get everyone’s support to reduce costs?

  • Have you spent time searching for something at work?

  • Have you had to wait for something not immediately available at work?

  • Has your company implemented fewer than 2 cost improvements during the last week?

  • Has your company incurred any additional costs due to quality or services issues during the last month?

If you answered YES to any of the questions above, you can benefit from attending this training program!

Outline of Programme:

  • Time management improvements – Personal efficiency, Optimizing meetings and 5S workplace organization

  • Process improvements – Waste reduction and a short introduction to value stream mapping

  • Purchasing improvements – The benefits of collaboration and Smart purchasing

  • Quality improvements – The cost of non-quality

  • Value Engineering – Driving cost optimization through creativity and innovation

  • Continuous Improvement – mobilizing Continuous Improvement and employee empowerment to drive cost optimization

  • Umbrella goals – Setting goals and KPIs (key performance indicators) to energize your team

  • Visual Management – Creating a visual workplace that drives performance

1.5 Days


Customer Service Excellence


Customer satisfaction can only be achieved through motivated, friendly employees who have the knowledge and authority to resolve customer issues. The solution lies in creating and growing a customer service excellence culture that is aligned with company values, so that employees take ownership for driving improvements and innovation. To create such a culture, it is essential to develop the employees’ skill set to be able to effectively deal with unique customer requirements. This intensive interactive program will allow participants to develop their service vision in alignment with your company’s values. Through enhanced skills, it will also enable them to deal effectively with changing requirements and to unleash their personal power to focus on improved performance.

Outline of Programme:

  • Why excellent customer service is critical to our survival

  • Understanding our customer and where we are today

  • Building our customer service toolbox

  • Living our values to effectively contribute to customer service excellence

  • Identifying opportunities for improvement

  • Measuring customer service successes and creating a visual workplace

  • Turning customer service challenges into continuous improvement opportunities

2 Days


Leading to Success


Through developing our leadership skills, we have an incredibly valuable opportunity to positively impact not only our own lives, but also that of the team members who work with us. We all know that the way leaders behave toward their team members directly impacts the team members’ productivity, quality of work and the overall team’s performance. But most frontline leaders (first line supervisors and middle management) have never been effectively trained in many of the leadership and interpersonal skills necessary for increasing performance and are left frustrated and uncertain on how to deal with the situations they get faced with. This program has been designed to fill that gap. This intensive program will allow participants to develop their leadership skills and build their confidence. These enhanced skills, will also enable them to deal effectively with ever changing requirements and unleash their potential to achieve improved performance.

Outline of Programme:

  • Module 1 – Introduction to Leadership

  • Module 2 – Roles and Responsibilities of Managers

  • Module 3 – Effective Communication

  • Module 4 – Personal Productivity and Time Management

  • Module 5 – Effective Problem Solving and Decision Making

  • Module 6 – Understanding Diversity

  • Module 7 – Understanding Change

  • Module 8 – Energizing Your Team

  • Module 9 – Project Management – Compiling and Implementing Plans

  • Module 10 – Performance Management

  • Module 11 – How To Deal With Disciplinary Issues

5 Days


Personal Productivity and Time Management


Are you ready to stop feeling overwhelmed and to enjoy more time feeling relaxed and in control? What would your quality of life look like if you were able to balance your work life and personal life better… freeing up time to fulfil your duties as parent, spouse and friend. In this powerful online course we will be sharing some proven techniques for getting control of your time and improving your personal efficiency. Find out how to get organized and develop productive working habits. Learn how to balance workload and have some spare time at last!

Outline of Programme:

  • Module 1 – Introduction

  • Module 2 – Personal Efficiency Made Simple

  • Module 3 – Reducing Wasteful Activities

  • Module 4 – Eliminating Procrastination

  • Module 5 – Getting Organized with 5S

  • Module 6 – Tools to Optimize Your Time

  • Module 7 – Continuous Improvement

1 Day


Planning and Implementing an Effective Induction Program


Research has shown that more than 20% of staff turnover occurs within the first 45 days of employment. The impact of this is not limited to the wasted recruitment related time and costs. There is a further negative impact on the business’s overall performance whilst the duties related to that position is either not taken care of or taken care of by other personnel at the expense of their normal duties or their free time. Over the medium to long term this will negatively impact on team performance and morale. An effective induction program can significantly reduce staff turnover and will enable new team members to integrate faster and contribute much sooner.

Outline of Programme:

  • Benefits of an effective induction program

  • Defining the goals for your induction plan

  • Structuring your induction program

  • Starting your induction program before the new recruit arrives

  • Practical considerations

  • Roles and responsibilities of key internal stake holders

  • Ongoing support structures

  • Continuous improving your induction program

1 Day


Developing an Effective Talent Management Strategy


Employing people costs money, but instead of this being a necessary evil, an effective talent management strategy will ensure that you get a high return on your investment through attracting, appointing, developing and retaining the right team members. Enabling people to realize their potential and deliver excellence will benefit your organization in many ways. Are you ready to enjoy even greater success?

Outline of Programme:

  • Understanding why talent management is critical to employers of choice

  • Capitalizing on diversity

  • Planning and implementing an effective induction program

  • The importance of taking a holistic approach – Understanding individual needs and integrating job performance enhancing, soft skills development and personal empowerment for the greatest benefit

  • Communication – Important do’s and don’ts

  • The art of effective delegation

  • Performance management – Ensuring individual goal alignment with company’s strategic objectives

  • Coaching for improvement

  • Reward and recognition

  • Effective change management

  • Continuous Improvement

2 Days

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