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Initiated #DoGoodThursday – May 2015

Join us in our #DoGoodThursday initiative!

Keep an eye out on our social media channels to see what random acts of kindness we get up to every Thursday… Proving that a little kindness really can go a long way :)

We hope that you will be inspired to join in!

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Developing leaders at TSiBA – Feb to May 2015

We have been privileged to participate in and support a leadership program at the Tertiary School in Business Administration (TSiBA). The leadership program was lead by Colin Hall from Play Blue and Learning To Lead.TSiBA’s mission is to be an innovative learning community that graduates entrepreneurial leaders who ignite opportunity and social change. This unique private, not for profit business school helps people who cannot access opportunities to jump ahead in life, by providing emerging leaders an opportunity to study high quality, accredited academic courses that are focused on developing entrepreneurship and leadership.

To find out more about TSiBA or how you can support this worthy cause, visit their website www.tsiba.org.za

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Donation to Plumstead Rusoord – Oct 2014

We are grateful for the opportunity to support Plumstead Rusoord by making a donation towards their Mobile Community Service Centre for the Eldery. The aim of this Service Centre is to attend to the basic needs of the Eldery:

  • Provide one home cooked meal a day
  • Physical assistance to those who can’t assist themselves
  • Basic clinical tests
  • Transport to and from hospitals and clinics
  • Involving them in a variety of activities

To find out more about this worthy cause or how you can contribute click here Plumstead Rusoord Mobile Community Service Centre for the Elderly

Plumstead Rusoord image001

Donation to Radio Tygerberg – May 2014

We were fortunate to again be in a position to participate in Radio Tygerberg’s pledge week. On Friday 30 May we paid in our pledge in support for the amazing projects they undertake to change people’s lives for the better! For more information on Radio Tygerberg visit http://www.radiotygerberg.co.za/ Radio Tygerberg Logo

Supporting Kiva Microfunds – December 2013

Su-Mari (co-owner of Adapt To Change) has been very privileged to contribute to a book entitled “Living Life Unbound”. The book is a compilation of inspiring stories and advice from female entrepreneurs around the world. Proceeds from the sale of this book will go to the non-profit organization Kiva Microfunds, that facilitates loans for low-income entrepreneurs and students in 70 countries.You can find out more about the book and where you can buy your copy here http://livinglifeunbound.com/. Please help us to spread the word! Living Life Unbound

Donation to In the Hood Ministries – November 2013

In the Hood Ministries is an inter-denominational children’s ministry operating in Parkwood Estate, Cape Town, South Africa. They strive to provide assistance for the underprivileged and previously marginalized community of Parkwood, as well as to create, stimulate and develop new ways of uplifting the social and spiritual conditions of the community – specifically for children. Their mission is to strive to feed the under privilege and to provide
basic health care.
 In The Hood Ministries

Donation to Radio Tygerberg – October 2013

On 29 October 2013 we had the privilege to join forces with a number of other individuals and businesses by participating in Radio Tygerberg’s pledge week. We are grateful for the opportunity to contribute to and show our support of such a worthy cause.For more information on Radio Tygerberg visit http://www.radiotygerberg.co.za/ Radio Tygerberg Logo

Donation to Avondale Primary on International Youth Day      – August 2013

In celebration and acknowledgement of the importance of International Youth Day, we made a donation of vital groceries to Avondale Primary School’s feeding scheme in Atlantis.Avondale Primary School’s feeding scheme feeds hundreds of children whose parents are without work and who often go hungry as a result.  It is one of our primary CSI projects at Adapt To Change as we have seen first hand the difference the scheme makes.International Youth Day, celebrated on 12 August every year, is recognised by the United Nations as a platform to examine and bring attention to issues young people face around the world. Avondale Donation August 2013

Donation to Breadtags for Wheelchairs Foundation
– March 2013

We have been collecting breadtags with the support of Avondale Primary School in Atlantis since 2012. Friday 1 March was International Wheelchair Day and we marked the day by delivering all the breadtags we had collected thus far to Mary Honeybun of the Breadtags for Wheelchairs Foundation. We are privileged to have played a small part in two such incredible initiatives that are making such a big difference in many people’s lives and helping to protect our environment for many years to come. Breadtags for wheelchairs A2
Breadtags for Wheelchairs C2  Breadtags for wheelchairs B2

Donation to Avondale Primary – October 2012

We are very grateful for the wonderful opportunity we had on Thursday 18 October 2012 to give back to the Atlantis community which is so close to our hearts. It is always a special treat for us to pop in at Avondale Primary School, where we are received and welcomed with such friendliness! We would like to extend a special thank you to Renee Smith for her amazing contribution to the donation of books, toys, sports and storage equipment, a table, art supplies, beverages and food, curtains and blankets etc. In addition Timmy (a local resident of Atlantis) also deserves special mention for selflessly putting his plans for the day on hold to escort our friend to the school when she got lost. He even stayed to help us unload the gifts and we were very grateful for his help! SCD3b

Appreciating Our Educators – September 2012

On Thursday, 13 September, we were very privileged to have the opportunity to show appreciation for our educators. We delivered 2012 M.O.M and W.O.W diaries, along with coffee and cookies to say “Thank You” to the hard working teachers of Avondale Primary in Atlantis. We want to thank M.O.M diary for their generous donation that helped us to make the teachers’ day. Appreciating-our-educators-2
MOM-Diary1 Appreciating-our-educators-1

Feed The Hungry – June 2012

Thank you to all who contributed to our FTH project! We received donations to the value of R1,308!We donated 218 food parcels to Avondale Primary School in Atlantis, Cape Town on 18 July 2012 as part of our Mandela Day celebrations. FTH-3

Symphonia for South Africa – May 2012

Donation made to: Symphonia for South Africa in support of their School @ the Centre of Community (S@CC) initiative http://www.symphonia.net/school.htm

Thank you for your generous donation to Symphonia forSouth Africa. Your commitment to helping our School @ the Centre of Community (S@CC) initiative grow and flourish is sincerely appreciated.

S@CC’s flagship programme, Partners for Possibility, has enjoyed great success in the past year. 19 schools and business leaders have joined the programme for 2012 thus far, bringing the number of partnerships to 56!

Our vision is to bring radical change to our education system by increasing the number of partnerships to 120 by the end of 2012, with the larger goal of reaching 2,000 schools within 5 years. With the help of supporters like you we will reach our goal!

Thanks again for your support in our efforts to ensure that all of OUR children receive a quality education.

Warm regards,

Dr. Louise van Rhyn


Dr Mamphela Ramphele’s talk at the above mentioned event: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CxidGQnm5XM


Walking With Jesus – April 2012


4 April 2012

Adapt to Change

Dear Adapt to Change (A2C),


On behalf of Jesus to my Rescue Ministries & Outreach I would like to thank you for your generous gift of R1 000. Your commitment to helping Jesus to my Rescue in our Walking with Jesus Project is sincerely appreciated.

Each year Jesus to my Rescue Ministries & Outreach continues to advance its mission to reach out to those in need. Through our programs, we have seen many lives changed for the better.

The goal of the Jesus to my Rescue Ministries & Outreach is to continue to make a difference in the community. With the help of donations from supporters such as you, we will continue to see improvements in the lives of our people.

Thanks again for your generous support!

Best wishes,

Jesus to my Rescue Ministries & Outreach

Jaco van As (Managing Director)

Walking-with-Jesus-2 Walking-with-Jesus-1

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